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A quick PSA, because working in a New Age store I realize a lot of people don’t know this.  Keep in mind this is the simple version.

The fella on the left-hand side, that’s Gautama Buddha, the Buddha, the central figure in Buddhism.  Note that he is not considered a god, but a teacher and spiritual leader, the first to attain Enlightenment in his era.  Note also how thin he is.  This is because the Buddha fasted a lot.  He was born Siddhartha Gautama.  Buddha is a title, and not actually his name.

The fella on the right-hand side is not Buddha.  This is a common misconception in the West.  That is Hotai (or Budai or Hotei depending on the language), a Buddhist monk from China and folkloric hero.  Hotai is thought by many to be a Buddha, but he is not the Buddha.  Unlike Buddha, Hotai actually is revered as a god in Chinese folklore, although not in Buddhist practice.

This post is based on things I’ve been taught by my Buddhist coworker but if I forgot or mixed up something important and you are Buddhist and you notice, please let me know.

This has been an informational post.  Have a nice day.



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Oregon Opal sphere

this is mesmerizing!!
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Oregon Opal sphere

this is mesmerizing!!

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In case you missed my mug

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Light haired ladies with dark eyebrows are dangerously attractive.

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I was tagged by some bonehead slightlyhere-mostlypumpkinspice

What was your:

1. last beverage - water mixed with India ink (accident)

2. last phone call -Ifrana

3. last text message - “I’m sorry about that…I def feel you.”

4. last song you listened to -some spooky shit in my art class

5. last time you cried - Thursday 

Have you ever:

6. dated someone twice - yeahh

7. been cheated on - no

8. kissed someone & regretted it -not that I can think o

9. lost someone special -yeah

10. been depressed - yeah.

11. been drunk and threw up - yeah

List three favorite colors

12. Black
13. Green
14. Purple

In the last year have you:

15. Made a new friend - Yesssss

16. Fallen out of love - No

17. Laughed until you cried - yes

18. Met someone who changed you - yeah

19. Found out who your true friends are - this is a stupid fucking question. Friends are true and there is no bull shit.

20. Found out someone was talking about you - No

21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend’s list- Yes if we want to get stupidly specific/vague about it


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life - most/all

23. Do you have any pets- one cat and a dog

24. Do you want to change your name - My first but I don’t want to go through the process of telling people about the name change

25. What did you do for your last birthday - Went to school, saw Mike Kelley exhibit, got ramen in lil Tokyo, went to work and made out with dumb boy while watching clueless

26. What time did you wake up today? - 6:30

27. What were you doing at midnight last night - sleeping and being a pouty princess

28. Name something you CANNOT wait for - Beach Goth

29. Last time you saw your mother - three days ago

30. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life – my stomach hurts 

31. What are you listening to now – Mac DeMarco - The Stars Keep on Calling My Name

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom - Yeeeee

33. What’s getting on your nerves right now – Everything. 

34. Most visited webpage – Tumblr

35. Blood type – O

36. Nickname - sometimes people call me dan

37. Relationship status - I like some boneheaded dude I guess

38. Zodiac sign- Cancer

39. Pronouns- She/her

40. Elementary - Highlands

41. High school- Saugus

42. College – College of the Canyons, hopefully Cal State Long Beach

43. Hair color- Blonde/Silver

44. Long or short– Short

45. Height- 5’9

46. Do you have a crush on someone – Ye

47. What do you like about yourself – My hair and music taste

48. Tattoos - no

49. Righty or lefty- Lefty

50. First surgery – Wisdom teeth

51. First piercing - ear lobes

52. First best friend – a cool chick named Briana who lived down the street from me

53. First sport you joined - I didn’t really do sports. A couple weeks of cheerleading, gymnastics, and karate

54. First vacation - either Arkansas or Naciemento

55. First pair of trainers – like sneakers? Idk some ugly ass shit from Payless. 

Right now:

56. Eating - nothing

57. Drinking - green tea

58. I’m about to – Somewhat finish my biogeography project

59. Listening to – My Kind of Woman - Mac DeMarco

60. Waiting for - this thing to be done

61. Want kids? - fuck no

62. Get married? - whatever

63. Career? - illustrator and part time beautician

Which is better:

64. Lips or eyes - Eyes

65. Hugs or kisses - Kisses

66. Shorter or taller - ehh

67. Older or younger - maybe older. 

68. Romantic or spontaneous - Both

69. Nice stomach or nice arms – don’t care as long as they’re not fucking douchy/rubbing their stomach all the time. 

70. Sensitive or loud - sensitive

71. Hook-up or relationship – whatever works.

72. Trouble maker or hesitant – Depends on the day

Have you ever:

73. Kissed a stranger- nope

74. Drank hard liquor- yeah

75. Lost glasses/contacts- never had them to begin with

76. Sex on first date - no

77. Broke someone’s heart – yeah

78. Had your own heartbroken- sure

79. Been arrested - no

80. Turned someone down - Lol yeah

81. Cried when someone died - Yeah

82. Fallen for a friend – Yeee

Do you believe in:

83. Yourself - strength comes from within

84. Miracles - I don’t rely on them but things usually work themselves out.

85. Love at first sight - no not for me

86. Heaven - oh god

87. Santa Claus - The North Pole is pretty much melted and Santa is dead. Aqua Man probably took up the job

88. Kiss on the first date - why not?

89. Angels – I don’t know

Now for the ones she made up

90. How do you feel?- Bleh-ish but alright in general

91. Last book you read- 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami (not done yet tho)

92. Last candy you ate- Resse’s Sticks

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